What is the quickest way to get your brand out into the marketplace?

What is the quickest way to get your brand out into the marketplace?

When you launch a new company, there are three elements that you need in order to ensure that your brand is properly represented.

These are:

  1. Your name
  2. Your domain (website)
  3. Your logo

Once you get your company named, your website launched, and your logo designed, we recommend everyone establish a social media presence across Facebook and Twitter.

Other accounts worth considering:

  • If you sell consumer goods, you should also launch an Instagram account.
  • If you sell to other businesses, then you should get listed on Linkedin.
  • If you sell to Generation Z, you should get a Snapchat.

In the case of Facebook, most organizations should establish their own Facebook page. This will be required if you take out any Facebook ads. Alternately, if you rely on personal relationships to find you new clients, you may wish to just use your personal Facebook account as opposed to maintaining a separate page.

On the Twitter side, you’ll want to create a personal Twitter account and use it to promote your business; share relevant tips, tricks, and articles; and tell your story in a consistent way.

If you already have a Twitter account that is not solely dedicated to your business, consider establishing a separate dedicated account.

From there, brand is a matter of communicating in a consistent voice. That is the key.

Here’s a hint, though: the consistent voice you should communicate in is your voice. Are you casual and friendly with your clients? Or are you professional and non-nonsense? Whether communicating on your website or your social media channels, try to write as you speak. Your voice is your brand.


Branding yourself and finding your voice

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